Brian Bloom Photographs

A collection of photography by Brian Bloom, a New York photographer

Brian James Bloom, born in Peoria, Illinois, 1962. Grew up in El Paso, Texas; Newark, New Jersey; and Riverside, California. Three cities that will never make a "10 Best List"...for anything. Somehow though, they built me a little character. Found photography, his all-consuming passion, later in life. Pursuing it, right now as you read this, vigorously. With a degree, of all things, in Economics, and ten years of living in the mountains of Northern California, moved to New York City to become a photographer. Some times it seems that crazy. Learned about photography assisting Clint Clemens, Patrick Demarchelier, Norman Jean Roy, as well as a host of the world's best photographers. Thru a background in extreme sports, he combines the ability to shoot in wildest of conditions and locales, with the highest level of production and sense of urgency. Always looking, always searching, and relentless in the pursuit of the required as well as alternate solutions, he never forgets to laugh and keep thing in perspective. "Wait, was that to heavy?" In 2005 alone, worked in India, Singapore, Scotland, Prague, Greece, China, Korea, and Bayonne, New Jersey. Digital or film, location or studio, bar mitzvah or bris, He'll make it happen. Brian lives in and loves the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York; "Where old Sicilian men and expensive baby strollers collide".